BORI gel wood stain

BORI gel wood stain

Calculation of consumption:

* Consumption is calculated per one coat

Technical documentation

Safety data sheet

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BORI gel wood stain is used for the decoration and protection of wood both indoors and outdoors, as it offers excellent protection both against the sun as well as other influences of weathering. It is suitable for surfaces, such as windows, doors, blinds, shutters, fences, claddings, log cabins, garden houses, garden furniture, etc.

The product is distinguished from other woodstain coatings by its unique gel structure which prevents dripping from the brush and sagging on vertical surfaces.


  • rich, silky gloss coating film
  • protection of wood from the sun and other influences of weathering
  • added waxes increase the water-resistance of the coating
  • elasticity - the protective film does not crack or peel off


1 l covers 14 - 16 m2 of surface in 1 coat.

Packaging units:

Detailed information is available in the technical data sheet.


We recommend you to read the technical information before using the product. The product must not freeze, store at a temperature between +5 °C and +35 °C and do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not pour the product into the sewage system.


  • Bori Lazura 02
  • Bori Lazura 03
  • Bori Lazura 04
  • Bori Lak Lazura 06
  • Bori Lazura 09
  • Bori Lak Lazura 11

Instructions for use:

  • Exterior and interior surfaces
  • Working conditions 10-25 °C
  • Brush application
  • Drying time between individual coats: 24 h
  • Cleaning tools with a thinner