Colour cards

The HGMIX COLOUR COLLECTION INTERIOR and EXTERIOR colour cards offer a range of colour shades that can be prepared on the basis of a wide selection of interior and exterior HELIOS wall paints. Your own set of shades allows you to create an individual style for your home.

EN Colour cards 725x500 interiorEN Colour cards 725x500 exterior

The HGMIX INTERIOR COLOUR COLLECTION allows you to choose from 1194 shades of interior wall paints, divided into 8 colour categories; pastel, neutral, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The HGMIX EXTERIOR COLOUR COLLECTION includes 450 shades for exterior wall surfaces, divided into 7 colour categories; pastel, neutral, red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

A special feature of the HGMIX EXTERIOR COLOUR COLLECTION colour card are the IR reflective shades, whose IR pigments prevent heat absorption in the final layer and thus have a significant effect on irradiated surfaces becoming less heated. Excessive heating is characteristic of dark colour shades on facade surfaces, which results in greater stretching and shrinkage of the final plaster. This leads to the appearance of micro-cracks and can shorten the facade’s lifespan.