Environmentally friendly paints

okolju prijazne barve 2The awareness about the importance of a healthy and clean environment has an important influence on production in Helios. In the process of constant changing of formulations of paints and coatings, we are particularly focused on accelerating the elimination of environmentally harmful substances, and the introduction of new ones that will be nature- and human-friendly. In doing so, we also develop brand new products which consistently respect the most rigorous ecological standards and recommendations.

Environmentally friendly paints and coatings are made on the basis of water-thinnable binders. You will recognize water-based products thanks to the fish logo on the packaging, and the word “acrylic” in the name of the products, e.g. TESSAROL acrylic primer for wood, SPEKTRA acrylic facade paint, etc.

When are water-based coatings particularly recommended? 

With classic coatings, organic solvents evaporate during drying time. If the room is not sufficiently airy, an excessive concentration of solvents in the air might cause sensitive people to suffer from headaches, a burning sensation in the eyes or skin allergies. When treating small surfaces, such as doors, windows, fences, and pieces of furniture, or when working outdoors, there are no such problems, so we highly recommend water-based coatings for the treatment of large interior surfaces and in all environments where there are children, elderly people or patients, or in food preparation areas (kitchens, interior rooms, restaurants, etc.).

The advantages of water-based coatings:

  • when drying, no harmful vapours are released, and additional ventilation is not required;
  • quick drying enables the application of several coats in less time;
  • no unpleasant odour;
  • thinning is not required – should it be required, tap water can be used as a thinner;
  • fresh stains can be removed with water;
  • they do not yellow with time.

OkoljuPrijazno ribca

Let our youngest ones play safely

When talking about painting objects which children come into contact with – toys, cribs, etc. – the correct choice of paint is all the more important. Our youngest ones are especially sensitive, so Helios dedicated particular attention to three HELIOS TESSAROL products and made their formula in such a manner that it is chemically harmless after curing, and suitable for frequent contact with our little ones. Their adequacy is confirmed with a certificate from the Health Insurance Institute of Maribor – Environmental Protection Institute (CERTIFICATE).