New, fast drying enamel for metal - TESSAROL METAL EXPRESS


TESSAROL METAL EXPRESS is a special fast drying coating that is used as a top coat in the system of protection of metal surfaces in indoor and outdoor spaces. With the use of a universal primer, it offers excellent anti-corrosion protection and excellent protection against all weather conditions (humidity, UV rays). The coating film is highly elastic, and the shades are light-resistant thanks to their durable pigments. The coating is ideal for completely changing the appearance of metals; metal fences, agricultural and construction machinery as well as hot radiators.

Tessarol Metal express 1280x866

TESSAROL METAL EXPRESS is a top coat intended for the protection of metal surfaces in indoor and outdoor spaces. Paint is applied with a brush, a roller, or by spraying. Subsequent individual coats should be applied after 2 hours. The product is suitable for application to surfaces such as: metal goods, machines, vehicles, entrance and garage doors, fences, radiators, pipes, etc.

  • excellent resistance to all weather conditions
  • quick drying – second coat in just 2 hours
  • high, stable gloss and hardness of the coating film
  • excellent mechanical resistance
  • good coverage


Tessarol Metal express 1280x8662