Have you painted your home and are wondering what to do with the leftover paint? Do not discard it, because even the smallest amount of paint can be used to freshen up or change the look of your furniture, home accessories or walls.

Keep the creative momentum going and rummage through the shelves in your basement, storage room or garage – you might find more forgotten leftovers. Some paints can be mixed together to create a whole new range of hues. Clearly this only applies to paints of the same type: water-based coatings cannot be mixed with solvent-based coatings. Frequently, there is also some white paint left from a wall painting job, and white paint is a great base for tinting. It can be mixed with leftovers from any water-based wall paint or with regular acrylic tempera paints, which can be found among school supplies.

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    Are you struggling with the challenges of optimum space use? If the answer is yes, you should know you are not alone. Whether you are a fan of modern, classic or rustic style, you can completely change the appearance of seemingly the most ordinary spaces with the use of wall panelling and decorative trims. Unlike other decorative elements, wall panelling will not get in your way, so it is also a suitable choice for the smallest rooms besides being a beautiful complement to large empty walls. As for the colours, you can either go for strong colour accents or follow the existing wall colour for an understated effect – if you still have some of the wall paint at home, this will save you the trouble of having to find an identical hue.

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    When remodelling a room or furnishing a new home, one can quickly end up wandering from store to store in an endless search for that perfect piece of furniture. Next time you could simply forage for a bookcase, sideboard or club table at the flea market or rummage around your old auntie’s attic. Mixing a contemporary interior with vintage furniture is a great way to achieve a modern and dynamic look – in case you haven’t noticed, the retro fever is back. Strong colours, repeat patterns, sharp contours and symmetry. A few paint leftovers may be all you need to pull off retro refreshment of a piece furniture no matter how shabby it is.

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    Various items of multifarious origin that have accumulated in your home over time can be tied up into a single story with some paint. There is no need for new purchases or great expense. Regardless of their style or state of wear, a fresh coat of paint is an excellent solution that will not only protect a surface but also accomplish colour matching in your room, whether it is a bedside table, toy box, night lamp or wooden shelving. Once the makeover is finished, you can use the remaining paints to make a large, colourful clock that will further link up all the elements in a shared colour scheme.

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    If you come across some old wooden shutters, do not discard them! With a little skill, they can be transformed into a new piece of furniture or decorative item that will create a cosy and rustic ambiance in your home. Shutters can be reworked into a table, bench, shelves, partition walls or a charming bed headboard. Wooden shutters can be painted either with BORI wood stains to preserve the natural grain of the wood, or with TESSAROL top coatings for wood to give the surface a uniform colour finish. If this is an option, use the leftover paints that you already have at home to carry out a makeover that is not only kind to your wallet but also to the environment.

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    Let your items don a fresh appearance and become a part of a new story. Look round for any leftover pains stored in your home and paintbrushes of different sizes, and you are all ready to begin a true artistic makeover. You can paint the table lamp, flowerpot or touch up your tea set. When making repeat patterns, a helpful tool is masking tape or stencils made of flexible plastic or foil. Make sure the stencil or tape is properly fixed to the surface to avoid any paint leaks under the edges. If the paint leftovers have thickened over time and aren’t flowing nicely, dilute them as necessary. Follow the instructions on the packaging; water-based paints should be diluted with water and solvent-based paints can be diluted with TESSAROL thinner.

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    Are you mulling over ideas how to accentuate your charming brick wall in a simple way? By adding colour accents to individual bricks you can create an interesting, dynamic look, and this type of refreshment does not require much paint or time. If you are a fan of industrial style, select predominantly grey tones, and if you are fond of Scandinavian style, let white colour dominate. You can also experiment with exciting and bolder colour combinations. The best way to start the project is to copy the pattern of the brick wall onto a sheet of paper and play around with colour arrangements and combinations. For an organic effect, the coloured bricks should be arranged as unevenly as possible.

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    If you are a daring individual who loves to experiment with new approaches to interior design, you can also add colour to your home with imperfect colour finishes – along with a good measure of extravagance. A roughly executed transition can be achieved by using a paint roller of preferred size and vertical strokes of varying height. This time, there is absolutely no need for masking tape. Just be sure to apply small amounts of paint. The less paint on the roller, the easier it will be to create a rough and irregular transition. Before each application, also run the roller repeatedly over some newspaper or a similar surface to remove any excess paint.

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    Wooden rocking horses have held a prominent role in many people’s childhoods. Even the most trusted steed, however, occasionally needs to have its protection and style updated with a new coat of paint. Surprise your little ones or include them in the project of treating your rocking horse to a proper style makeover. With some creativity, your horse can be quickly transformed into an almost genuine unicorn with a rainbow tail, a giraffe with a shortish neck or a stripy zebra, for your children to ride off into exciting new adventures. Children’s imagination knows no limit and it is only right to let it run free.

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    Do you like the appearance of old, distressed walls? In combination with modern furniture, faux distressed walls can add that final touch that your interior may still be lacking. You will need some leftover white paint for interior walls, some used tempera paints and a large sponge for car washing. All water-based interior wall paints can be tinted as you please with the most commonplace tempera paints used in schools to create a whole range of hues. Start with the lightest hues. Apply a small amount of paint to the sponge with a paintbrush and rub it over the wall to create a smudged and distressed effect. Repeat this step with a number of light and dark hues and have fun as you see the wall age before your eyes.

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    A kitchen with a kitchen island is no doubt the social centre of any living space. However, there is no reason why the kitchen island should match the colour scheme of the kitchen furniture. Those who are bold enough can go one step further and select the brightest and strongest colours. The renovation of kitchen cabinets may be an extensive feat, but making over the kitchen island shouldn’t take up too much time. An extravagant look with an eclectic touch can also be achieved by throwing some interesting bar stools in the mix. Who knows – maybe the leftover paints that you have can inspire colour combinations you would otherwise never have considered using in your kitchen.

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    Have you ever asked yourself where you can find the biggest canvas in your home? On your walls, of course. Search your storage room, basement or garage for any forgotten paint leftovers, roll up your sleeves and let your imagination run free. You can bring new life to your child’s bedroom or playroom by painting a huge bright rainbow above the head of the bed. The best way to do this is by using a pencil and eraser, and a stencil and masking tape. What about your ceiling – is it still white? Wouldn’t it be nice to lie back on the bed and gaze at puffy clouds, a tree canopy or a night sky peppered with stars?

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    For some time now, an important trend in interior design has been the use of varied materials. By combining wooden and metal elements you can create a pleasing harmony of contrasts in a space: metal elements give a feeling of cool and raw robustness, and wood makes it comfortable and warm. To refresh furniture that consists of both wooden and metal elements, you only need a few products. Search around for leftovers of TESSAROL universal coatings, which can be used to refresh wood or metal surfaces; provide additional protection to your favourite pieces of furniture and make them shine again.

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    Besides providing comfort and functionality, your workspace should also look inviting and pleasing to the eye. A quite simple decorative trick that will liven up any home office corner, however small it may be, is the colour blocking technique. It consists of combining different shapes and colours to introduce interesting contrasts and a dynamic feel in a space. Remember that SPEKTRA interior wall paints can be mixed together, so you can create an entirely new, fresh colour palette from the paints you may have left over from other projects. You can add the final touch to your workspace with the special SPEKTRA Magnetic paint, which allows magnets to stick directly to the wall surface – for all your important notes and travel souvenirs.

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    It goes without saying that the arrival of a new family member is an important event that calls for proper preparation. An essential task is to get the nursery ready, or the part of the room where the baby’s bed will be placed. This area should feel warm and cosy, which is easy to achieve with just a few minor colour accents. You can paint the bars of the baby cot to resemble the sea or foaming waves, or put cute colourful shelves on the wall where the baby’s first toys can be placed. When painting surfaces that will be touched by your little ones, we suggest looking around for some leftover paints which are water-based. These can be diluted with regular tap water. You can also check for any certificate that indicates they may be safely used to paint children’s toys.

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    Wooden spoons are essential in any kitchen, but they do not have to look boring. Just a tiny amount of colour can transform them into lovely, colourful utensils. Mark the part to be painted with masking tape and then use a small paintbrush or a sponge to paint the handle, obviously avoiding the part of the spoon that will be touching food. To preserve the natural appearance of wood, it is best to use BORI transparent woodstains.

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    Have you got some leftovers of your favourite paint and wish to use it to restyle your home? Why not tone or lighten it with different amounts of white to get a broad palette of tints that can be used to create soft, flowing transitions? You can apply them to the interior of shelving and then place handpicked accessories for the home on the shelves, such as small potted plants, vases, candles, or books and home fragrances. For maximum precision of painting, use a small paintbrush, as well as some masking tape to protect the shelves if they are not included in the colour makeover. And trust us – even a single-colour scheme can refresh the appearance of a wall and enhance a room.

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    This idea does not only add a colour element to your wardrobe, painting your hangers with different colours can help you organise it. If you are going to paint just the wooden part of the hanger, protect the hook from the paint. Our advice is that the hanger should be hung while painting, as this will allow you to paint the whole item in one go. If you placed it on a surface while painting, you could only paint one side and then you would have to wait for it to dry before you could start the other side. Once your hangers are painted with TESSAROL topcoat enamels, you can organise the clothes in your wardrobe by colour: suits on blue hangers, blouses on yellow, tops on purple etc.

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    Stencilling is a great alternative to wall painting. You can either buy or make a stencil yourself from a thick sheet of cardboard or plastic. If you are making it at home, you can look for a design online or draw it yourself, however, try to avoid drawings with small details because it would be hard to apply paint to such sections with any precision. If you are very skilful, you could make many stencils and apply different colours to the wall in multiple layers. In this case it is important to wait for the paint to dry completely between coats and remove excess paint from the stencil as necessary.

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    Are you the type of person who quickly get tired of a particular interior design and would like to refresh it more frequently? Replacing the furniture is time-consuming and, above all, expensive, so the simplest way to give your home a makeover is to change the colours. Suitable for both wooden and metal surfaces, TESSAROL universal enamels allow you to achieve perfect unity of colour between various pieces of furniture. A single colour can thus be used for the dining chairs, the light over the dining table, the sideboard drawers or anything else you like. If you have a number of different colours, you can combine them a two- or three-colour scheme.

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    Have you ever considered painting just one part of a wall and not all of it? Creating an interesting, colourful accent in the shape of a geometrical design? A dead corner of the room is perfect for this. Get some masking tape, use it to divide the wall into triangles and colour them with different hues of SPEKTRA interior wall paints. Start by painting the first triangle and when you are done, remove the tape before the paint dries. Wait until the paint in the first triangle is completely dry before you carry on with the rest of the job.