SPEKTRA Active Air to improve the cleanliness of the air in your home


At a time when there is growing awareness of the importance of clean air and quality living in a healthy environment, it is also necessary to consider interior wall paints, which can affect our wellbeing and health. The innovative interior wall paint SPEKTRA Active Air improves the quality of living in a space with its exceptional air cleaning technology.

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SPEKTRA Active Air in the decorative coatings segment represents an innovation in interior wall paints, as it improves wellbeing and the quality of living in a space. SPEKTRA Active Air has the special power to decompose the colourless gas formaldehyde, which is extremely harmful to health. Formaldehyde is known to be an extremely dangerous carcinogen, most commonly found in wood panelling, furniture and home fabrics such as wallpaper and curtains, and in some detergents. Frequent or prolonged exposure to formaldehyde may elicit an immune response that manifests as symptoms including a cough, sore throat, headaches, burning eyes, allergic skin reactions, and other respiratory irritations that are especially dangerous to people with asthma or a chronic illness.

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The best solution to control exposure to this harmful carcinogen, which pollutes indoor spaces where we tend to congregate for an extended period in particular (kindergartens, schools, care homes, healthcare institutions and offices), is the use of innovative wall paint with a cleaning function. SPEKTRA Active Air has a proven high formaldehyde reduction efficiency as early as 24 hours after the first application. SPEKTRA Active Air converts formaldehyde into completely harmless water vapor using its quality technology.

In addition to its main advanced air cleaning functionality, SPEKTRA Active Air is highly resistant to wet wiping as well as to chemicals, and is also solvent-free and environmentally friendly. The paint is suitable for painting all interior wall surfaces in both residential and public buildings. And it offers easy shading in more than 500 different shades, which you can see on the HGMIX colour chart.

We warmly invite you to see how SPEKTRA Active Air works.