SPEKTRA Level Medium Light – levelling compound based on lightweight fillers


Conventional levelling compounds are water based, which makes them environmentally friendlier. However, they largely consist of mineral fillers, which makes them heavy, and this can directly affect the health of both humans and the environment. As an innovation awarded by the Slovenian Eco Fund, SPEKTRA Level Medium Light boasts a weight that is one third lower but has the same application properties and water vapour permeability.

Spektra Level Medium Light 1280x867

Owing to its content of lightweight fillers, SPEKTRA Level Medium Light is 30% lighter than standard levelling compound with the same volume. Its lower weight leads to reduced fuel consumption during transport, which in turn means lower greenhouse gas emissionsinto the environment. Other benefits include smaller load on wall surfaces, easier work and better working conditions, with a positive effect on employee and user health.

SPEKTRA Level Medium Light has excellent adhesion to all types of mineral substrates, is elastic, and extremely easy to apply and stretch. Due to its high thixotropy, it does not sag and fills larger holes and pores perfectly. The specific film structure of the coating improves heat and sound insulation, which helps to improve the quality of living in a room. Finally, SPEKTRA Level Medium Light provides up to 30% lower consumption, which means that 1 pail can be used to level 30% more wall surfaces than with levelling compound of standard quality.