SPEKTRA Anti Mould, for protecting wall surfaces against mould, algae and other microorganisms


A common problem in older houses, damp spaces, under-ventilated apartments, and sometimes in other places too, is the appearance of mould on the wall. Mould is a very unwelcome phenomenon from both a health and aesthetic perspective - it should be removed as soon as possible. To achieve a long-lasting effect, it is first necessary to thoroughly remove and destroy existing microorganisms, and provide a long-term surface protection against repeated infestation.

Anti Mould novica slika 1280x866

SPEKTRA Anti Mould is a water-based biocide agent for protecting painted wall surfaces against mould, algae and other microorganisms, as well as for the restoration of infested surfaces. It is used as an additive to water-based wall and facade dispersion paints. The agent is not suitable for mixing with solvent-based paints.

  • New and improved mold protection formulation.
  • Long-term protection of painted wall surfaces from fungi and algae.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior wall surfaces.
  • Water-based.
  • Not harmful to humans.
  • Available in 1 L packaging.
  • Shake the product well and add it to the paint in a quantity 10 %.