New SPEKTRA Impregnation Acryl Special - for the impregnation of surfaces without thinning or dripping


The first step to achieving beautiful and well-protected walls is good surface preparation. Before whitewashing, the surface must be clean of any loose particles, dust, and stains. Cracks and unevenness must be smoothed with a leveling compound. SPEKTRA Impregnation Acryl Special ensures better adhesion and an even final coat of paint. SPEKTRA Impregnation Acryl Special enables optimal application without prior thinning and without dripping.

Spektra Impregnation Acryl Special 1200x628

SPEKTRA Impregnation Acryl Special is intended for the impregnation of all lime and lime-cement surfaces, chalked old coatings, gypsum‑cardboard panels and other porous surfaces. It is suitable for application with a brush, roller or spray. It does not drip and penetrates deep into the surface.

  • Easy application without dripping
  • Penetrates deep into the surface
  • Evens out and decreases the absorbency of the surface
  • Strengthens poorly bonded and chalked old coatings
  • Improves adhesion and decreases the consumption of finishing coatings