An exciting colour trend for 2022

Each new year opens the door to new possibilities, changes, challenges and goals. Facing them successfully requires ingenuity, bold curiosity, trust, and a touch of creativity. In this spirit of constant change, a new purple-blue colour is joining the latest trends, representing this period of a changing society and way of life. 

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The choice of the new colour trend for 2022 was underpinned and inspired by developments in (digital) technology, with new verticals such as spaceflight, advanced automation, and the launch of the "metaverse" virtual environment. Purple-blue offers a new perspective of the future, where boundaries between the real and virtual world are blurred. Serene blue combined energetic red represents the fusion of two dynamic worlds, offering countless new possibilities and encouraging individual ingenuity, playfulness, creativity, carefreeness and courage, which are needed to face today’s challenges.


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The recently announced colour of the year has the properties of blue, but the red undertone somewhat limits its coolness. Experts in colour trends describe the colour of the year as the happiest and warmest blue shade in the entire palette of blue shades. Who wouldn’t want such a beautifully described shade in their home? 


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The purple-blue offers a range of new possibilities in interior design, as it can create a completely new mood. The calm, cool blue shade, and the passionate, vibrant red undertone create a somewhat bold and dramatic combination. The purple-blue will be particularly popular with fans of modern, art deco or eclectic styles (such as Pop Art), where white or grey pieces of furniture are often intertwined. Soothing tones of furniture and raw materials leaves lots of room for the homeowner to include more vivid colours that break the sterility and muted tones.

Purple-blue has the power to bring playfulness and life to a room, whether included in the furniture and decorative items, or the more daring option of purple-blue walls. The advantage of choosing this colour also lies in the possibilities of combining it with metallic colours such as silver and gold. 


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When it comes to colour trends and incorporating them into a home or space, each individual should know how to best adapt them to their own taste and vision. A more vibrant shade of wall paint must be adapted to the space. Lighter colours are commonly used to repaint a smaller room, to help open up the space. In this case, a more pastel lavender can be a good option. Darker shades work well in a larger space; when combined with the right furniture, this can create a sophisticated, elegant and even glamourous look.  Given that this year's colour trend is so daring, an option is to paint only one key wall in the room, for example next to the bed or behind a painting. 


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If painting a wall seems excessive, an easy way to bring purple-blue into your home is with furniture, accessories and decorative items such as fabrics in different textures, wallpaper, blankets, cushions, candles, paintings, vases, frames, etc. The easiest way to spice up a space is to choose an eye-catching painting or a piece of art or furniture, such as an armchair or sofa with modern contours, upholstered in purple-blue velvet.

This completely new interpretation of the spirit of our times, by combining a stable blue with an exciting red, will dictate many guidelines in design and fashion this year. This year's colour of the year is also an excellent reminder that the current situation in the world can be interpreted in several ways, including with the help of colour. Purple-blue may seem bold at first, but we are sure it has inspired you to think about how you can change up your home, even if with the help of a different shade. 


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This year’s colour trend was inspired by digital technologies that open up endless new possibilities; similarly, we encourage you to explore ways to bring a touch of purple-blue into your home and life.