Why is white such a favourite?

White walls in a home are often thought of as classic, boring, uncreative or unoriginal. Interior designers and architects would not agree. They love white colour, because it is elegant and sophisticated, because it infuses a space with freshness, innocence, calmness and because it is timeless.

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In the fashion industry, white is never out; moreover, white items are a frequent choice when trying to make a statement with clothing. Similarly, in interior design, white is considered a timeless colour that is always trendy and current. Perhaps because it symbolises peace, order, purity, eternity, new beginnings. It also appeals to the eye, and is the opposite colour of black. If black signifies the absence of colour, white light contains all the colours on the colour spectrum. And why is this most commonly used colour so popular in interior design?


Why we love white

-        An empty canvas: White walls in a home are like an empty canvas, a blank page that offers limitless possibilities and gives one a completely free hand in the choice of furniture, its colours and textures. Unlike other colour tones, for example blue or red, that can be used to make walls a strong element of interior design, where the choice of furnishings is narrowed down from the very beginning, white walls are neutral and therefore perfect for combinations with different pieces of furniture and home accessories.

-        Visually enlarges spaces: You may have heard that a small space works better with white walls because they make it appear larger. White homes look bright and spacious, because white reflects light in a different way than other colours. Adding a mirror or glossy furniture to a white room will further accentuate the sense of spaciousness.

-        No expiry date: When selecting the colours of interior walls, and particularly when choosing the furnishings, weigh your choices carefully, because you may want to refurnish at some point. You can’t go wrong with white; only white and black are timeless colours that never get old. Moreover, white is a current and suitable colour for all seasons, evoking ice and snow in the winter, or lovely white tulips in the springtime.

-        Easy to combine with other colours: White is not only a timeless colour that never goes out of fashion, it is also beautiful and practical because there is virtually no hue that doesn’t go complement it. White adores black: their combination is effective, dramatic and beautiful. Black works best with a neutral or pure white colour with no undertones. Off-whites are just as easy to combine with other colours, as they complement practically any colour: neutral tones, vivid colours or pastels. However, here’s a piece of advice: if combined with neutral tones and pastels, choose a warm off-white, and a cool off-white if combined with blue or green hues. 


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All the shades of white

The use of white in spaces may seem simple, but this enduring colour hides a few tricks up its sleeve. It is true that it affords a multitude of creative combinations with interior furnishings. However, when faced with the choice of interior wall colour or white furniture, we soon realise that each white is a little different and that there is a wide range of off-whites. The green, blue or violet undertones of a cool white have an icy and crisp feel, while warm hues (cream or ivory) contain orange or yellow undertones that create a softer, warmer atmosphere.


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If you wish for a space that is entirely white, consider a variety of white hues. First, select a hue for the wall colour, taking into account the hues of sockets, switches and window and door trims. These commonly have yellowish, warm tones that will be further accentuated by selecting a pure white without undertones. In such a case it is more prudent to use a warm, pleasing hue of white, such as SPEKTRA Fresh&Easy. However, if you are into black-and-white combinations of interior furnishings, you may want to go for the brilliantly white high-coverage wall paint SPEKTRA Perfect White or paints with equally high coverage such as SPEKTRA Extra or SPEKTRA Super


Use textures for warmth

If you are having doubts that a white interior (white walls and furniture) might feel too much like a sterile laboratory, you can add warmth to it with various textures, textiles, rugs or curtains in different shades of white. With only one colour in the room, the interior can handle a range of materials in white, from fluffy rugs to ornamental textile cushions or a wooden coffee table, giving the space a sense of depth, vibrancy and a new dimension.


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White and earthy tones

White interiors look classy and modern in photographs, but they may not work for everyone. Whiteness can be easily spiced up with home accessories in earthy tones, for example a woven rug in a beige tone, a mirror frame in the natural colour of wood, a white marble coffee table with wooden legs, photos or prints on the walls, flowers in large ornamental pots etc.

In the company of earthy tones, white colour inspires a sense of nature, serenity and modernity, and this is a combination that is never out of fashion and suitable for any space in your home.


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