Creating a home office

Over the last 12 months, many people have experienced remote working for the first time. Many employees have had to get used to working in their own home. With this new normal, home kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms were transformed into home offices practically overnight.

27 Ureditev domace pisarne N12 3

Shade N12-3 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


Working from home might sound very comfortable. Work can be done from the sofa or even bed, with a laptop and phone for company. This is the setup for many people, but it is not recommended long-term. To be able to work undisturbed but above all successfully, it is recommended to dedicate a corner of the home to a home office. Creating a home office depends of course on your needs and habits, and type of work.

Here are some important elements and tips for setting up a home office:



Choosing the right space for your home office is the first and perhaps most important element. Whether you are working in the kitchen, bedroom or a completely separate room, the crucial bit is finding a suitable place in your home to be able to work productively and successfully. You will need to consider how much space you need for your work, levels of noise and natural light, the number of potential distractions, sockets, etc.


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Shade N01-3 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


If possible, create your home office in a separate room, located in a quieter part of your home, where there is enough natural or quality light. This means steering clear of noisy spaces, especially if your work requires full concentration. Creating a physical boundary between work and relaxation in your home is so important, to help maintain a healthy work/life balance.



If you decide to repaint the walls while setting up your home office, the choice of wall colour is fundamental. Colour theory suggests that certain colours can have a strong impact on mood and concentration.


Given the need to stay focused while in your home office during the working day, we suggest choosing larger monochrome surfaces, as they will have less of an impact on your mood and concentration than a single colour on smaller fragmented surfaces. When choosing paints, opt for neutral shades that will allow you to focus your attention on your work. 


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Shade N13-4 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


To help you choose the right neutral shade, we have designed the HGMIX INTERIOR COLLECTION colour chart, which allows you to easily browse each colour category. The colour chart will help you choose the right neutral shades for your new home office, from a wide range of neutral shades. When choosing the right colour shade, it is a good idea to consider the entire space, lighting and combination of furniture in the room where you are setting up your home office. You can find the colour chart here.


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Shade N09-1 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


The colour palette of neutral shades is quite basic: off-white, cream, light grey and dark grey with a slight blue undertone.  


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Shade N05-3 according to the HGMIX colour chart.




We have brought home laptops, screens, phones and more from the workplace. But there are two important elements that have remained at the office. Your office chair and desk. Ergonomics was previously discussed in the context of the workplace; now it has moved to our home, together with our work. Following the principles of ergonomics and its technical and technological requirements ensures greater safety and productivity, and supports our wellbeing. Choosing ergonomically designed furniture provides a comfortable and, above all, safe working environment and reduces the likelihood of injuries to the neck and spine. It is therefore essential to choose the right office chair, as most people remain in a "seated position" in their home office. 


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Shade N07-4 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


The work surface - which is a desk for most people - must provide enough space for a computer and other key accessories. If you decide to purchase a new table, it is important to consider the height. Nowadays, many office furniture manufacturers offer height-adjustable desks. Whether you choose a custom-made desk or the kitchen table, make sure it’s comfortable. 


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Shade N06-6 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


To make the most of the space in your home office, we suggest installing additional drawers or shelves, where you will be able to store office supplies and documents.

For a personal touch in your new home office, you might consider decorative elements such as photos, paintings, travel souvenirs, etc. Plants and flowers can be a lovely addition for your home office and contribute to your overall wellbeing.




Lighting or choice of lights is one the most important elements in a home office, and yet often one of the most forgotten. Your home office space must be well lit - ideally with natural light, the best type of lighting - as light is key to productivity and motivation. 


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Shade N05-1 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


In the absence of abundant natural light in your home office, whether due to the room’s orientation, size of the windows, changing seasons and it becoming darker earlier, or your work schedule preferences, it is extremely important to choose suitable lights.


Choosing the right lighting will reduce eye strain, and the possibility of headaches and fatigue. Good lighting also increases wellbeing and creativity.


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Shade N13-2 according to the HGMIX colour chart.




Work-critical technological equipment includes a reliable Internet connection, computer and mouse. In addition to a desktop or laptop computer, it is recommended to use an additional monitor or screen, especially if you need to switch between several programmes or documents throughout the day.  If your job requires a lot of paper, a printer can be handy. 


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Shade N05-4 according to the HGMIX colour chart.


Now that most meetings are virtual, it is important to have a good webcam and headphones to further help neutralise external noise, while also facilitating better communication. 


For even more neutral shades that can be incorporated into your new home office, take a look at the HGMIX Interior Colour Collection colour chart.