Personality and interior style

Many factors are involved in the design of a home, whose style can say a lot about the homeowner’s personality. Our relationships, unique qualities, perspectives and desires influence many factors that are shaped by our personality. It defines our living environment, emotions, the ups and downs that unconsciously shape our lives.   It dictates our choice of patterns, colors and textures that we consider appropriate, correct and comfortable.   If we choose colors that reflect our personality, we ‘feel good’ because we know they ‘suit us’. Below, we present five living rooms that are furnished in different styles and reflect the owner’s personality.

1. Retro style

This style is associated with a vibrant and colorful palette; rounded furniture shapes and a cheerful mood. The furniture and interior design are inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s, but also match perfectly with modern pieces of furniture.   It is particularly suited to urban and lively people with a fast pace of life, who are also fans of history, old stories and Rock'n'Roll.


Shade B08-3 according to the HGMIX color chart.

14 1280x850 retro B08 3

One of the most typical features of this style is the rounded shapes of the furniture. It evokes a striking rounded armchair in a psychedelic color and rounded kitchen refrigerators in pastel shades. The style’s color palette is very vibrant: green, yellow, pink, purple all the way to black, white and silver.   You can find your desired shade HERE.

They are characterized by pastel shades combined with more vibrant colors and abstract patterns that create a more dynamic space. These are used in the carpets, wallpaper, bedding, curtains and paintings. Plastic chairs and tables are very typical, with the addition of retro metal accessories - retro lights, wall clocks, shelves, various inscriptions and bottles. Lighting is an integral part of the decor.


Shade Y13-5 according to the HGMIX color chart. 

14 1280x850 retro Y13 5

2.  Industrial style

Industrial is a very recognizable style in interior design today. It first appeared in the early twentieth century, at a time when Western European factories were closing and relocating their activities to countries with lower production costs. As a result, industrial spaces were left empty and abandoned, and globalization led to a shortage of living space; people decided that these lofts were suitable for living.


Shade N01-2 according to the HGMIX color chart.

14 1280x850 Industrial N01 2

Today, this modern ambience evokes the retro spirit of the industrial revolution; a seemingly unfinished concrete or brick wall, metal lamps and chandeliers hanging from wires, comfortable armchairs and sofas, and wooden or concrete floors.

It is a furnishing style that is functional and focused on minimalism, but leaves a lot of opportunity to create visual drama, which can be achieved by contrasting high-gloss metal surfaces and rustic or vintage furniture.

The style suits people who are collected, direct, functional and love DIY projects.

Color palette: colors that look faded and worn, various shades of gray combined with white.Choose your shade on the HGMIX color chart


3. Pop art style - colorful and unusual 

This style appeared in the same period as minimalism, but they differ a lot. It first appeared in art and then in interior design in the late 1950s in the UK, and later became widespread in the West (USA). At the time, artists were depicting pop culture icons such as Marilyn Monroe in their work, illustrating a universal and consumer-oriented society.


Shade W04-2 according to the HGMIX color chart. 

14 1280x850 Pop art W04 2

It is suited to bold, mysterious and elegant people, as it offers a wonderful way to combine bold colors and contrasts that proliferate across all rooms. The final touch is added by unusual pieces of furniture that really spice up the ambience. It is an interior design with background, as each item has a story. But it’s important not to overdo it, as it’s easy to achieve the opposite effect and make the space look kitschy.

Of all the styles, this has the most extensive color palette, which is in particular characterized by strong colors. Find your shade among thousands on our HGMIX color chart.


4. Shabby chic style

This style combines two kinds of design; carefully selected vintage furniture with a relaxed approach to the layout. These interiors are (too) full of everything, without special accents, but the final effect is still harmonious and rich.


Shade N05-5 according to the HGMIX color chart.

14 1280x850 romaticno klasicni N05 5


Shade W08-4 according to the HGMIX color chart.

14 1280x850 romaticno klasicni W08 4

It is perfect for romantic and nostalgic souls who are happy, positive, kind, sociable and enjoy new discoveries. The color palette for this style is marked by pastel-clad vintage furniture, plenty of textiles, wallpaper, etc. It is created by filling the apartment with new and vintage pieces of furniture, which are restored, recycled and combined, with little thought to the style or purpose. For the best effect, use gentle pastel colors, upgraded with an abundance of soft textiles (e.g. knitted fabrics). Check out the selection of pastel colors here.


5. Scandinavian style

Simple but functional. This remains one of the most popular syles in which to furnish apartments.  It is characterized by natural, untreated materials such as wood, leather, fur, wool, fabric and metal combined with a pastel, muted color palette. It is suited to those who want a sleek, minimalist interior with a homely touch. Fans of this style understand minimalism as support for objects that define their inner core. The best way to recreate it is by combining minimalist furniture with warm neutral tones, and decorating the space with an abundance of fabrics printed with modern, geometric patterns.


Shades N05-1 and N05-3 according to the HGMIX color chart.

14 1280x850 skandinavski N05 1 in N05 3

Lovers of the Scandinavian style appreciate quality time with family and friends, as the home is a refuge, where the rooms are tidy and clean - the almost minimal Scandinavian interior leaves no room for unnecessary clutter or decorations. The character traits linked to this style are: kindness, elegance, having an interest in culture.

Check out the HGMIX color chart and select the best shade to combine with your furniture.

You can find out more about the Scandinavian style here: