Scandinavian style interior design

Furnishing an apartment begins with many decisions to take and many questions to answer; attention to detail is required for every single thing, little or big. For example, a large apartment would be furnished differently to a small one, which poses a unique challenge as it allows little space for maneuver. It also calls for much more consideration and rationality. 

There are different styles of interior design to follow when furnishing a home. From pop art and retro to Hollywood... it depends on personal preference. What’s your favorite?

Below we present one of the most popular styles in recent times - the Scandinavian style.

As the name suggests, it originates from Scandinavia, which includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden, sometimes also Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The style can be described as a mix of minimalism, carefully chosen colors and natural materials. It’s a great choice for all sizes of interior. The beauty of Scandinavian design was not recognized until the 1950s but since then, this minimalist European design has become famous and beloved. It follows the principle "less is more”. Scandinavians have created unique furniture and home furnishings. The style is characterized by elegance, simplicity, warmth, freshness, sensuality, and purity. A house decorated in the Scandinavian style is modern, minimalist and airy.

Here are some features of the Scandinavian style to help inspire you:



Scandinavian winters are long, so it’s no surprise that light colors are prevalent in Scandinavian homes to make up for the lack of daylight. The color palette is therefore simple: from snow white to off-white, beige, light gray and light blue. There are also traces of soft green. This color scheme is almost its own brand of Scandinavian design and one of the biggest inspirations. Recently however, some Scandinavians haven’t been sticking only to more restrained and calmer colors; they’re also using bolder colors or strong and colorful graphic prints.


Scandinavian style shades 1 opt

Tip: to maximize the Scandinavian-style atmosphere, whitewash rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom and combine them with black accessories (a chandelier or a small decorative accessory), to further emphasize the white. You can see the color chart here.


Example of a graphic print combined with shade W11-2 on the HGMIX color chart.

Scandinavian style new 


The furniture is simple and elegant, usually made of natural wood in light shades such as birch, beech, alder; it can also be white pine or painted in white and cream shades. Some furniture is also light gray or light blue, but these tend to be free of ornaments, curves or carvings. Or else these tend to blend in and do not dominate.


If you want to add strong colors, you can choose a softer shade of wall paint such as N04-3 and W03-4 according to the HGMIX color chart.

If you want to break up the whiteness and be bolder, you can choose stronger shades such as B03-6

Scandinavian style B05 6

The Scandinavian feel can be embodied with Swedish antique clocks, crystal chandeliers and rounded rustic white wooden furniture. And to achieve Scandinavian elegance, you will need an antique furniture element or decorative accessory.



Scandinavian interior design puts a special emphasis on lighting. It’s typical to see numerous chandeliers, wall and table lamps. Lights have a simple shape and are often black or some other bold color. Candlesticks and candles are also used a lot and plotted around the home. Glass accessories such as vases and bowls with clean and simple lines provide a clean and airy design. Of course, when it comes to Scandi style we cannot forget wicker baskets, which are placed in visible spots and used to store newspapers, books, toys, kitchen utensils etc.


Shade B09-7 according to the HGMIX color chart.

Scandinavian style B09 7

Shade N13-7 according to the HGMIX color chart.

Scandinavian style N13 7

And a fireplace is almost a necessity when the winters are so long and cold. In the Scandinavian style, this means more functional fireplaces that are defined by their purpose to provide warmth. They should not occupy a central position in a space, as functionality is not in the foreground in modern Scandinavian houses. As a result, the design and layout of a fireplace is freer and it is a bit more of a focal point, but still pushed into the corner of a room.  

Combine the fireplace and accessories with a shade according to the HGMIX color chart.



The style emphasizes airiness, simplicity and minimalism, and this rule also applies to motifs on fabrics, wallpaper and carpets. Floor coverings tend to be rustic boards that are whitewashed or painted in shades of white. These floors give a feeling of openness, cleanliness and airiness to the space, and the attention is shifted to the interior design and architectural features. Light-colored carpets with a striped or floral pattern are common.

Fabrics are natural with simple patterns (e.g. striped), minimalist and in light colors. They are most often used on cushions, napkins and curtains.


Shade W01-1 according to the HGMIX color chart.

Scandinavian style new2

For even more creative inspiration and shades you can include, please take a look at the other shades from the color chart HGMIX Interior Colour Collection.