Top three colour shades for the bathroom

The times of bathrooms tiled from floor to ceiling are over. Today, there is a huge number of interesting interior design solutions available to spice up our intimate spaces. Wood, concrete, glass, stone and vinyl offer just a few alternatives to tiles in a modern interior. But wall paints offer the most affordable and also the simplest solution. Compared to other materials, paint is inexpensive, and its application does not require special skills. And when you feel like a colour change, the renovation is affordable and easy to do.

21 top3 for bathroom pallet

Is paint in the bathroom really a practical solution? Absolutely! But the chosen interior wall paint should be selected carefully. A safe choice are special-purpose paints that combine biocidal properties (which prevent the development of mould) and inhibit condensation formation, making them suitable for rooms exposed to a large amount of water vapour. SPEKTRA Kitchen & Bathroom interior wall paint, as the name suggests, is suitable for use in both bathrooms and kitchens.


21 top3 for bathroom R06 2

Grey shades on bathroom walls wonderfully yet subtly emphasize the whiteness of bathroom furniture and fittings, and in combination with matching floor coverings, they represent timeless elegance.


21 top3 for bathroom N11 321 top3 for bathroom N13 5

Green in the bathroom symbolizes a return to nature and authenticity, and blends perfectly with floral patterns in other elements, from tiles to bathroom textiles. In bathrooms with enough light, potted plants can create a green oasis; in windowless bathrooms, you can achieve a similar effect with artificial flowers or decorations made of dried flowers.


21 top3 for bathroom G13 321 top3 for bathroom G09 3

A carefully chosen pink in the bathroom can work really well. Powder and muted pinks go well with both light and dark bathroom furniture, and subtly complement and emphasize more intense geometric patterns on the tiles and other decor.


21 top3 for bathroom R13 121 top3 for bathroom R20 2

Although the bathroom is a special and intimate space in the home, it still makes sense to connect its colour to the common story running through the other living spaces. These shades are quite neutral and easy to combine, but they may still not fit the concept of your home. If so, you will definitely find your shade in the HGMIX colour card.