Warmth and comfort for your home

These cold winter days are here to stay for some time now. We need warmth to cope with the low temperatures and stay comfortable.  

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You can feel whether a room is warm or cold upon entering it, most often by its actual temperature.  Warmth can also be emitted from carefully selected furniture, interior wall paint, decor and accessories that give a space its character. You have likely seen a photo of a warm and comfortable-looking room. Have you considered renovating your home in a similar way? It is actually quite simple to create comfort, warmth and cosiness.  Here are some tips for designing a cosy and comfortable home that emits extra warmth in winter.


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Choosing a warm interior wall paint

Switching up the interior wall paint is the easiest way to change a space. When choosing interior wall paint, it is important to consider where your desired shades lie on the colour spectrum. It is not just about choosing your favourite colour, but also about whether the colour has a warm or cool undertone. White, brown, grey, blue, and other colours all exist in warm and cold shades. Consider the undertone when choosing an interior wall paint; bluish undertones are colder while orange undertones are warmer.

By focusing on a warm or cool undertone, you can create the right mood for your room and connect the other elements in it. Choosing a warmer neutral shade of interior wall paint will not optically change the size of the space. A darker shade of warm interior paint can make a space optically slightly smaller, but will also create an additional feeling of comfort. 


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Lights can really change a room’s atmosphere. Dimmed lighting creates a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. A similar rule applies to choosing light bulbs for warm interior wall paint. Bulbs can make a room warmer or colder. Warm-coloured curtains hung above windows can add an extra touch of warmth. Darker shades can invigorate the space. 


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Choosing the right pieces of furniture

Choosing the right pieces of furniture can help bring extra comfort to your room. The choice of colour for your furniture is also important. Sofas and armchairs will certainly make a room feel more comfortable.  Wooden furniture will warm up a room immediately. Create a comfortable space with wooden elements such as hardwood floors, chests of drawers, (club) tables, beam shelves... You can combine individual pieces over a matching set. You can also cut through the cold and add character by placing antique or vintage pieces in the space.  


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Choosing accessories

The cherry on top will be choosing accessories and decorations to revitalise your space. The easiest way to bring comfort and warmth into a room is with a selection of blankets, cushions, and candles. A simple transformation can be achieved by changing the cushion covers. Covers can have different textures, colours, and patterns. Blankets can be folded and elegantly laid over an armchair, stool, chair, or sofa. They can also be stored in a pretty wicker basket. Candles are an obvious choice for achieving warmth and elegance. They will help your guests feel comfortable in whichever room they are in. Candles can also create a beautiful and personal scent for your home.  


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A fireplace can be accentuated by framing it with items such as vases, candles, pictures, or a log basket. Wooden accessories and decorations will also provide an extra feeling of warmth. These include bowls, coasters, vases, trays, sculptures and picture frames. When hanging pictures and other decorations on the wall, make sure you give them room to breathe. Leaving an empty space between pictures will allow them to stand out and produce a more eye-catching effect. If opting for metal items and decorations, these should be in the warmer tones of bronze, brass or gold.

A rug on the floor brings charm and immediate comfort to a space. A huge variety of rugs are on offer, from soft and furry to vintage rugs. Finally, don’t forget to consider placing plants in your space to bring even more life to it.


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