SPEKTRA Pure&Care – interior wall paint with no biocides, suitable also for allergy sufferers


SPEKTRA Pure&Care is an environmentally friendly interior wall paint, designed with special attention to users who are sensitive to additives found in paints, such as solvents, softeners and preservatives, which evaporate, linger indoors and may cause allergies.

Spektra PureCare 1280x867

Since the long-lasting and stable high pH value of the paint prevents the growth of bacteria, no additional preservatives are needed. This is why SPEKTRA Pure&Care is particularly suitable for users affected by existing health conditions such as allergies, asthma or other types of irritation, and for more conscious users who care about a healthier environment and healthy living spaces. It is especially recommended for use in children’s rooms, nurseries, schools, health care facilities, old people’s homes, hotels and all other interiors where people spend a considerable amount of time.