Painting the kids’ room together with your children

Usually when moving into a new home, the walls will have been whitewashed or painted by decorators.  But when they need repainting after a few years, we often do the job ourselves. This is especially the case when deciding to repaint only one room. This is often the kids’ room, as the little budding artists soon discover that the walls of their room are in fact a canvas for their creativity!

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Being totally honest, the fastest and best way to ensure quality would be to paint the kids’ room ourselves, alone.  It would definitely be easier! But we all know that in reality, we are more likely to paint it with the pitter-patter of little feet around us.

Kids often want to help paint their own room, depending on their age. For those of you with toddlers aged between 3 and 5, it could be a win-win situation, where you can keep an eye on them while your child is thrilled to participate in a grown-up activity.

If you are laid back, you could assign a part of the wall for them to paint their own creation, or you could let your child be your assistant. Hand them a brush or roller, then let them ‘create’ on the wall, which you will be able to repaint later. Or they can paint with a brush right by your side, while you use the roller. It’s amazing how long painting can keep a child occupied! At the moment, the colours O25-3 and O13-2 are very popular for a child's room.


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As with everything else when it comes to our kids, you will need patience, supervision and ground rules. All tasks take longer when involving kids, so be patient.

Start the job without your child first.  This will allow you to focus on preparing the walls and applying the first coat of paint. Don’t paint while your child is painting. Don’t hand them the brush or roller without supervision.  Oversee and help them.

You should be the one to pour the paint into the tray. As you know, younger children do not yet have a well-developed sense of pouring. Don’t let your child decide how much paint should be poured into the tray. You pour; your child paints.

Your role as parents and guardians is quality control.  After giving your child the opportunity to paint their part of the wall, you can repaint it. Rollers are heavy and kids find it difficult to press them against the wall to get even coverage. You can let your child paint their part of the wall with a roller, and then paint over it yourself.

Establish some ground rules before starting.  Your child should listen so you can show them how to paint! You can paint the top of the wall while your child does the bottom. Makes sure your child does not put the roller down or touch it anywhere except on the handle. They should also be careful not to touch anything else in the room with it. When done, they can hand the roller back to you. Your child should grip the roller firmly with both hands. One hand on the handle and the other on the rod holding the roller. This will make it easier for them.

If you still have energy and creative zeal after painting the room, you could even draw some images on the walls with your child, such as clouds. These are very popular and at the same time easy to draw as they are irregular in shape and each cloud will look real. White clouds are accentuated on the colour shades B01-3 and N06-3.


24 Barvanje otroske sobe B01 324 Barvanje otroske sobe N06 3

Painting will be an even easier and more relaxed activity with a young teenager. It’s amazing to see just how keen children are to help, especially when they’re involved in choosing the shade beforehand. There’s no need to follow tradition and paint a girl’s room pink and a boy’s room blue. A white room with bright accessories works well for girls and boys. If your child chooses a very strong colour, you can compromise by painting only one wall in that colour, while keeping the other walls more neutral. Don’t be intimidated by the trendy shades Y23-5 and N11-5.


24 Barvanje otroske sobe Y23 524 Barvanje otroske sobe B05 6

Teenagers will be glad to choose a wall colour for their own room and also have the responsibility to paint it themselves. At the moment, the shades R09-5 and N11-5 are popular.


24 Barvanje otroske sobe R09 524 Barvanje otroske sobe N11 5