SPEKTRA acrylic impregnation concentrate

SPEKTRA acrylic impregnation concentrate
Environment Friendly

Calculation of consumption:

* Consumption is calculated per one coat

Technical documentation

Safety data sheet

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Transparent primer for strongly absorbent lime and lime-cement surfaces, to be applied prior to smoothening with interior putty or prior to the application of the first layer of paint. To be thinned with water, in a ratio up to 1:5.


  • water soluble, health- and environment friendly
  • penetrates deep into the surface
  • evens out and decreases the absorbency of the surface
  • strengthens poorly bonded and chalked old coatings
  • improves the adhesion of new plasters and coatings
  • decreases the consumption of final coatings


1 l of diluted impregnation covers 10 - 12 m2 of surface.

Packaging units:

Detailed information is available in the technical data sheet.


We recommend you to read the technical information before using the product. The product must not freeze, store at a temperature between +5 °C and +35 °C and do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not pour the product into the sewage system.

Instructions for use:

  • All exterior and interior surfaces
  • Mix before use
  • Thinning with water in a ratio of 1:5
  • Application with a roller or brush
  • Application with spraying
  • Cleaning tools with water
  • Drying time between individual coats: 12 h
  • Working conditions 10-25 °C