Choice of façade paint

Coatings for façade surfaces have a dual role; in addition to quality functional protection, they also have an extremely important effect on the building’s appearance and its inclusion into geographical location.

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Façade surfaces are treated with various protective and decorative coatings, mineral or dispersion finishing plasters, or with thin-layer façade paints. Damage that appears on façades over time (cracks, peeling, chalking, fading...) are mainly due to harmful atmospheric influences (UV, humidity, wind, storms…) and air pollution in urban and industrial areas (content of solid dirt particles, CO2, SO2 and nitrogen oxides). Coatings can also be damaged as a result of construction defects, improper installation, choice of an unsuitable coating and/or light-resistant shades. Mould and algae can also appear on the façade due to damp or poorly sunlit surfaces.  


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Adverse effects of the atmosphere and environment contribute to visible signs of coating damage and deterioration. Renovation is urgently required, or else the deterioration of the coating itself will quicken, and later also that of the building’s basic blocks. This is not an easy decision, as so many different coatings are available, depending on the chemical composition, main properties and desired final aesthetic. In addition, the original treatment of the surface requiring restoration also plays an important role when choosing a coating.

The chosen paint must be suitable for all types of old plasters, thermal insulation systems and paints, and must also offer the quality and long-lasting protection of façade surfaces.


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The new SPEKTRA Renoxan façade paint is the optimal solution. Based on an acrylic copolymer, it offers the UV protection of pigments; and the silicone binder enables both high vapour permeability and low water absorption. The paint is especially suitable for the renovation of thermal insulation systems based on mineral wool, and buildings with higher exposure to damp and consequent growth of algae and mould. SPEKTRA Renoxan is also suitable for uninsulated old façades, as its high vapour permeability allows moisture to pass through the wall surfaces and thus maintains a healthy living climate indoors.

SPEKTRA Renoxan contains carefully selected carbonate and silicate fillers in different granulations, which are evenly distributed in the binding matrix and give the coating a uniform thickness, evenly protected with the binder over the entire surface. Synthetic fibres additionally reinforce the film and bridge hairy cracks on the old coating, preventing their transfer to the new coating. Silicate fillers increase the coating’s mechanical strength and thus its resistance to wear. The addition of a biocide inhibits the growth of mould and algae on the façade surface for a long time, protecting the film from infection. The coating’s water repellence can be achieved with the help of appropriate additives.  


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SPEKTRA Renoxan façade paint is available in many colour shades on the HGMIX mixing system, according to the Exterior Colour Collection colour card, as well as many others. All shades are made of exclusively inorganic pigments, which enable the colour shade to be UV and weather resistant for longer. We recommend choosing pastel shades that absorb less heat energy and thus further extend the coating’s service life.

If the façade only needs a refresh – where due to years of exposure to harmful UV radiation and weather effects, the binder has deteriorated and accumulated dirt, but there are no visible cracks – the choice of the most suitable façade paint depends on the type of old coating and related important properties (vapour permeability, water repellence), the desired colour shade, and the price.


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As damp is the main cause of damage to façade coatings, the ability to prevent water absorption is the most important factor in choosing a suitable façade paint. Add to this the chosen shade’s high and long-lasting durability, and you get the new SPEKTRA Top Dry façade paint. The paint boasts a special hydrophilic component of the coating film, on which raindrops or moisture are dispersed into very small droplets. The drops are not absorbed by the surface but simply evaporate, and the façade surface dries extremely quickly. 


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SPEKTRA Top Dry therefore offers excellent protection of the façade against rain, dew and fog. On coatings of standard façade paints, water is absorbed by the film, leaving dirt on the surface. Drying takes longer, making the growth of mould and algae more likely. Water absorption shortens the life of such coatings, as hairy cracks and consequent peeling and/or visible mechanical damage occur earlier.


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SPEKTRA Top Dry enables the greatest possible durability of colour shades, which can be selected according to the Exterior Colour Collection colour card. All colour shades are made from weather and UV most stable inorganic pigments. Although we recommend choosing lighter colour shades for façade surfaces, as they stay cooler, it is also possible to create very dark façade shades by choosing IR reflective pigments. These pigments reflect the thermal part of sunlight and thus significantly contribute to keeping the façade surface cooler. This significantly extends the lifespan of dark façades.