A love triangle

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

When I wanted to spice up part of the white wall in an existing corner of my home, I did not have a love triangle in mind. Besides never having proved to be something positive, but simply out of love for triangles as a shape. As a symbol, the way it faces is also important, but this time I did not worry about this - it intrigued me only as a decoration on the wall.

SLIKA 1sHow quickly and easily could you draw triangles on the wall, too? Like this!!

For the base, I chose the high-coverage paint Helios SPEKTRA LATEX MATT. I used three lighter shades of my favorite colors: salmon, gray and mint. I selected them from the existing Helios color palette. It is good to bear in mind that the shade on the color sheets is always lighter than how the color actually looks on the wall when it dries.

SLIKA 2sUsing the narrowest protective tape, I created a web of triangles on the wall. The great thing about this is that no special mathematical knowledge or plan is required - you can allow yourself to be led by your imagination. It is merely necessary to keep the lines straight.

SLIKA 3sI chose the smallest roller for applying the paint, as the triangles themselves are small. When coating smooth surfaces, a single coat of paint is already sufficient. When the paint was dry, I carefully removed the protective tape. If any paint escapes onto the white background, this can still be fixed with a small brush and some white paint.

SLIKA 5 1The triangles came together well and gave the wall a new, interesting image, which anyone can afford. Since this is a minor detail in combination with subtle shades of color, such a "fashion accessory" is welcome in the entrance hall, living room, bedroom or study.

SLIKA 7 1sHas anyone else fallen in love? This mini makeover can also be carried out on a rainy day! ;)