Fatal combination

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

What do jasmine and magnets have in common? The answer to this question can be found among the shelves of SPEKTRA interior wall paint. This time my friend offered the challenge of his work space, which is situated within his bedroom. A visit to the space quickly revealed my friend’s dilemma – the work space required that something extra that would motivate him to work at the computer with greater joy.  

Usodna kombinacijaWe all know what it is like to work at the computer when our bed is in the same room, inviting us into its warm embrace. To counterbalance this temptation, I selected two interior wall paints with special effects for the renovation of the work space; HELIOS SPEKTRA Fresh&Easy and HELIOS SPEKTRA Magnetic.

A delightful scent of jasmine

With the aim of bringing freshness and character to the room, I first painted the walls with SPEKTRA Fresh&Easy interior wall paint. This special warm shade of white contains a microencapsulated fragrance that is slowly released, emitting a long-lasting scent of jasmine into the room. What a fantastic colour!

Usodna kombinacija 2 mini
A magnetic attraction

I found inspiration for the pattern in the geometrically shaped wall component adorning the space above the bed’s headboard. I drew a hexagon on paper and used it as a stencil, around which I put a thicker protective tape.

When the third coating of paint was properly dry, I removed the protective tape and got a shape that gave a nice contrast to the white walls. I drew another hexagon two centimeters away to keep it company. Magnetic paint sticks well to surfaces, has a matte effect and best of all, you really can attach magnets to it!


Usodna kombinacija 3 miniUsodna kombinacija 4 mini

The hexagon connects well to the existing component above the bed. The fatal combination of uplifting jasmine scent and attractive magnetic color turned out to be the right choice. The work space got a new surface for affixing cards and photos that were previously creating a mess on the desk.

Magnetic colors are also an excellent choice for use in hallways and children’s rooms. In addition to serving as a decoration, it also lends functionality to surfaces, which comes in handy in every home.


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