Rocking chair makeover

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

While I was brainstorming about what my next interesting project could be, my friend Tanja called with an interesting makeover proposal. In order to surprise her nephew for his birthday, she wanted to give him quite a special present – her old rocking chair, which she - and also her mother both used as children. This added value of the chair being passed through generations, was the main trigger of why I decided to do the makeover. :)

Small wooden rocking chair needed a refreshment. With a few simple steps I managed to transform it into a modern furniture piece.


helios gugalni stolcek 1 mini


On some parts the chair was still covered with an old coating layer, while on the backrest also with a blue painting. By using a sanding sponge, I easily removed both.


helios gugalni stolcek 2 mini

I highly recommend to protect the floor before action, as well as using gloves. Your hands will appreciate it.


helios gugalni stolcek 3 mini

When finished with sanding, I used a damp cloth to carefully wipe the whole chair. It is very important, that the remains of sanding are completely removed before the actual application of the coating in order to achieve a good and even coat.


helios gugalni stolcek 3a mini

Before applying the desired shade, the surface needs to be protected with a primer, in this particular case I used Tessarol acrylic primer for wood. This product with no unpleasant odours takes care of an additional wood protection and at the same time prepares the surface for better adhesion of the top coating. I chose a nice pastel shade, which fits perfectly with the other elements of the children’s room.


helios gugalni stolcek 4 mini 

As soon as the primer was dry, I started with application of the first Tessarol acrylic enamel layer.


helios gugalni stolcek 5 mini

Tessarol acrylic enamel leaves behind no brush traces, dries very quickly and is user and environmentally friendly. Since it also has no unpleasant odour, I was able to paint inside the room. When I applied two layers of the coating, the rocking chair became unrecognizable.


helios gugalni stolcek 6 mini

Pastel blue rocking chair blended in with the rest of the colours in the room perfectly. The animal member of the family was excited about the new piece as well.


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