A simple way to a wonderful children’s room

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

Not much is needed to create a beautiful children’s room prior to the arrival of the new family member. Instead of painting entire walls with bright colour shades, a bit of creativity is usually enough to achieve the desired special effect. When renovating the room of a friend, who is expecting twins, the wall had recently been refreshed with white paint, so it was not necessary for me to re-paint it.



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The children’s room is intended for two boys, but I did not want to limit myself to the choice of typical children’s colours. When looking at the Spektra Terra colour chart, my eyes stopped on the following two shades:

T 233 T 236
Otroski koticek 3 Otroski koticek 4


Tools required:

  • paper or thin PVC to protect the floor
  • protective tape
  • two pencils and a string
  • brush made of natural fibers, with soft and angled bristles (to draw circles more easily and precisely)
  • cloth


Even a small amount of colour was enough for the space to obtain a different character - cheerful and much more playful. When drawing circles, I used a verified simple method – I tied a string around one pencil, set the diameter of the circle, and tied the other pencil at the end of the string, in order to draw the circles on the wall. I adapted the length of the string and thus the size of different circles as needed, based on my inspiration. Have someone help you to make sure the circles drawn with the pencil will really be round. 

2 600x6001 600x600


After all circles on the wall were made, it was time to start creating with colours. First, I chose the colour for the circles and precisely drew over the pencil line with a brush, and only then painted the inside of the circle.

2 600x6001 600x600

It is hard to describe the colour shades I selected, as they tend to change based on the changing light throughout the day. I used the Helios interior wall paint, Spektra Extra, which has extremely good coverage, is easy to apply, and is also people and environmentally friendly. What is more, stains that have a tendency to appear quite often in children’s rooms, can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth.


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The room is beautifully complemented by an old chair and a decorative inscription made with Tessarol acrylic enamel. The water-based enamel has no unpleasant smell, dries quickly and is specifically intended for painting objects such as children’s toys.

1 600x6002 600x600


The newly-designed children's corner now appears to be more pure and not too colourful, considering it will soon become home to the children’s favorite toys that will bring even more colour to the room and grow together with the children.

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