A lovely study corner in a small apartment

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

A few square meters is enough to make a pleasant creative space that will be only yours.

Working from home can be great because you basically wake up at work; but it also requires more self-discipline. So it is good to have a special place for it. So, if you work remotely or, just want to have a special corner for your computer work or managing your schedule - this idea is right for you.



I decided to make a nice study corner for myself at home in the living room. I only needed a day to complete the project. See how you can do this summer project yourself.

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  • The interior wall paint Spektra LATEX MATT in the shade HGV050 on the Monicolor 720 colour card
  • WallArt 3D decorative panels, in standard dimension 50 x 50 cm
  • Neostik AKRIL
  • A smaller roller and paint bowl
  • Protective foil or paper, protective tape



For the renovation, I chose the decorative WallArt 3D panels, which I glued to the wall next to the shelves in the living room. On the back of the decorative panels, I applied the Neostik FASTENING ADHESIVE EKSPRES on the edges and where they stuck to the wall surface. 

2 600x6001 600x600

I glued the panels in 2 vertical lines of 5. You could use them to cover the entire wall, or create your own arrangement. It’s easier to place the panels in a straight line with the help of a water ruler or an app on your smartphone. You can download the app onto your phone to keep it handy for your future DIY projects. Press the glued panels firmly against the wall to help them stick across their entire surface. I filled the areas between the panels with Neostik AKRIL, an acrylic based sealant. I did this with the help of a plastic card. When the white mass is dry, you can level the surface with fine sanding paper.


Otroski koticek 12


The decorative panels are an eco-friendly recyclable product. They are made of natural material that is left over in the processing of sugar cane. The fibrous pulp, which is left over in the processing of sugar cane, is one of the most renewable raw materials, as sugar cane is harvested three times a year.

Next I applied my chosen paint color. I chose a smaller roller to paint the panels to be able to cover their entire surface. The wall paint Spektra LATEX MATT has an excellent coverage ability; a single layer is enough. Only because I wanted a greater colour intensity, I added another layer. 


1 600x6002 600x600

I painted the panels very quickly, as the surface area was small - only a few square meters. This kind of project can be completed in a single day without much effort. From my own experience, I would recommend starting early in the morning. Each material that you apply needs to dry properly, before the next one can be applied.



I chose a high table and chair, because they suit the room beautifully and together with the painted wall, they make it look bigger. The panels’ relief lends the room a varied feel and a special, individual character to the corner. The pistachio color is not too intense and flows nicely in the space. I also added sheer curtains that soften the passage between the wall and window. I love having palm trees and greenery in the apartment, so I added them in this corner, which is now a real little jungle. The renovated corner is my new oasis of relaxation, where I can feel good when working and which provides a creative atmosphere. 


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