How a small trick can make a big difference

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

One living room and four white walls at my friend's home needed a quick makeover.

Well, at least one of the walls needed a bit of refreshment, since they have all been repainted only a short while ago. Interior wall paint SPEKTRA Style, available in 11 trendy colour shades, turned out to be the perfect candidate for the job, since it is very easy to work with and provides quick results.

You can choose your style on website, which I found very helpful in the process of choosing the right shade for this particular living room - Urban Rock.




And the makover goes to…the focus wall behind the televison and decorative shelf elements.


2 600x6001 600x600

My work was supervised and the choice of shade approved by the "head of household". ☺


2 600x6001 600x600

  • If things get messy, rinse your clothes with water immediately, or even better - paint in working clothes
  • Long hair will be the safest when tied in a bun or a ponytail
  • A healthy and environmentally friendly formula of SPEKTRA Style has no special odour, which means that you do not have to air the room after the painting  
  • SPEKTRA Style is packed in a handy rectangular packaging and does not need to be thinned with water before use
  • Application roller can be easily cleaned with water



Since I had some paint leftovers from the previous Helios makeover projects, I decided to use it in a creative way.

I started with application of pink shaded SPEKTRA Decor Quarz on a canvas, followed by SPEKTRA Extra in grey and black shade. When the last layer of the paint dried, I gently rubbed the surface to bring out the pink layer underneath.

The painting created turned out to be just the right decorative element for the living room, which even further enchanced the new shade of the wall behind it.






2 600x6001 600x600

It was once again proven, that even the smallest changes with minimum effort can create a whole new feel in the room.

Visit and get your own Style!