Makeover with SPEKTRA Style

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

It happens that a particular room goes through several unsuccessful renovations before being able to show it’s true character. Something as simple as choosing the interior wall paint can make a big difference, and have a significant effect on our mood.

Room before the makeover

My colleague Sanja recently decided to renovate her bedroom as well. She freshened up most walls by applying white paint, but decided to pay special attention to the wall behind the bed. As there are several blue elements in her bedroom, she decided she would combine them into a whole by painting the wall turquoise blue. The decision turned out not to be the best one, as the paint on the wall appeared too brash, whereas the room looked cold and impersonal.

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Choose your style

The turquoise challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to try the new product on the shelves, the ready-made interior wall paint SPEKTRA Style. On the website, me and my friend chose a shade called romantic coffee among 11 fashionable pastel shades. The transition from the cold blue colour to a warm sandy colour seemed to be the perfect solution. How did the romantic coffee blend with the new room?

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Fashion makeover

You will thank yourself for having protected the floor and the adjacent wall once the work is completed, so make sure to take your time to do so. The wall already had a white edge right under the ceiling, so I decided to keep it.

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 What fascinated me about SPEKTRA Style is that it is completely odourless, and that I was able to cover the brash turquoise colour in one coat only! Painting can be a really fun chore, especially in good company. While we were waiting for the paint to dry, we had enough time to cook and chat. In the evening we could already remove the protective tape.

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Room after the makeover

The makover gave the bedroom a completely fresh look. The cold blue was replaced by a warm sandy colour which, with the addition of blue elements, forms a nice contrast which gives a feeling of cosiness and romance in a gentle and unobtrusive way. A few days later the makeover turned out to be a great decision, as Sanja only confirmed her initial feeling and thanked me once again. She feels much better now that the room has been repainted, which shows the choice of colours for the wall surfaces of our home is not such an unimportant thing.

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