When a hostel grows up and becomes a hotel

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

I happily accepted the invitation to advise on the renovation of rooms in the Korte Hostel. The guests at this facility are mostly young families and couples who enjoy trekking and cycling across the wonderful landscape.

slika 1 600x400Korte is a small settlement in the Slovenian Istria, which you immediately fall in love with due to its quiet surroundings and lively landscape. With the purpose of offering the guests a perfect break, the owners decided to renovate the premises and create an ideal ambiance, to add a cherry on top of the relaxation offered by the beautiful nature.

slika 4 600x400This time I decided to complement the light shade colour with an olive branch border in a light olive colour shade (code HG063).

slika 7 600x400To serve as a night stand, I chose two small tables and complemented them with a club table next to the couch. I painted a third of each leg with the same colour shade as the olive branch. I used Tessarol acrylic paint for wood.

slika 8 600x400I wanted to lessen the guest’s feeling of being in a student dorm room, and make the room’s appearance as close as possible to a real hotel room. The idea was for the room to give a sense of comfort and relaxation, and to be in harmony with the surroundings.

slika 6 600x400I changed the dominant green colour with sandy shades, while still preserving it for details and other additions. Up to the height of 220 cm, we painted the walls with a light brown SPEKTRA Latex matt colour, code G116. The remaining part of the wall was painted with a slightly lighter colour shade, code F113. 

slika 5 600x400The stencil used to imprint the olive branch was tailor made, and I used a special round brush and a tapping technique to transfer the patter to the wall. The process was in fact a bit time consuming, and I also had to make sure not to apply too much paint on the brush, as this could cause the paint to spill.

However, the final result made all the effort worthwhile.

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