A gray nursery? Yes or no?

Jana Koteska
Jana Koteska

Your first response is probably no, as nurseries tend to be any color but gray or black. However, colorful bright walls combined with children’s furniture, toys, bedding and carpets may produce a rather chaotic effect and consequently render the space optically smaller.

soba 600x400 1Do not worry; your child will learn to recognize colors without needing rainbow walls. Any child’s personality will quickly fill the room with color, allowing us to select calmer shades for the walls - even only one color for all the walls in the room. In addition to white for this project, I also chose - gray!

The nursery wall before the renovation

A child’s cup with a black cloud motif was enough to inspire me and I had already drawn a big cloud over half the wall in my mind. My friend, the mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old sweetie, left for the seaside and entrusted me with the keys to her apartment. “You can do whatever you like, as long as you don’t overdo the walls with too many colors,” she advised me. Hm, as if she could sense my inclination...

soba 600x400 2The internal wall paint SPEKTRA Extra in the shade G164 on the Monicolor Nova color chart was my choice for the cloud in the nursery. First, it was necessary to refresh the wall with a lick of white paint. I chose SPEKTRA Extra, as besides the matt effect, it is also resistant to wet wiping - ideal for a nursery. When the coat of white paint was dry, I used freehand to lightly draw curves with gray chalk to depict a big fluffy cloud.

soba 600x400 3I chose chalk, as the lines can easily be erased. I then used a beveled brush to paint the cloud’s outline. This kind of paintbrush is ideal for drawing very precise lines. I was then just left with painting the rest of the cloud’s surface. I replaced the paintbrush with a medium-large roller. And no, this time I did not need a craftsman to help me paint! I am rather adept at using a roller, yet always manage to get a few drops of paint on my clothes, but if you are quick, the paint can be washed off with water.

Voila, a cloud had crept into the room in a flash. Gray and light furniture can always be combined with pastel colors. There will soon be many colorful objects in the room, so gray in combination with black details will produce a tranquil effect.

SLIKA 5 1280

soba 600x400 4The nursery wall after the renovation

I removed the objects that the baby boy would not be needing from the room, and reorganized the furniture a little, to make it "easier to breathe." To the gray cloud, I attached the words "Sweet Dreams" and two hooks for changing photographs. The ice-cream on the bedside table serves as a lamp at night. All the other accessories are also gray, black and white.

The room is simple and calm, but retains its childish playfulness, which will be even more tangible in the next few days. So, a gray nursery? YES!